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Measure your risk in real-time.

Stop guessing where your cybersecurity risks lie.
Get deep insights into every facet of your organisation.

Product screenshot showing the vulnerabilities for a given package. Highlighting the risks that an attacker could exploit to compromise the system.


Explore the entire companies open risks in one place, the platform identifies the most critical risks for you to address first. Zercurity tells you the vulnerabilities that are readily exploitable and the effort required.

Product screenshot showing the Zercurity assets page with its risk traffic light system


Zercurity intelligently works out what patches a system maybe missing. We automatically infer vulnerabilities against an asset and its composition of applications, services and its function within your network to figure out its risk impact.

Product screenshot showing all of the installed applications across Windows, Mac and Linux


Our composite score helps you track and prioritise risk. This score is calculated in real-time. Helping you identify changes. Zercurity acts as a hygiene tool to proactively warn against risk.

Product screenshot showing an audit trail of all the actions carried out on the Zercurity platform

Issue Management (IM/IR)

Real-time notification on critical events across your systems helps you minimise your risk exposure. Zercurity raises intelligent issues that compromise of components to help you ascertain whats important across your IT estate.

Immediate Health Assessment

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