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Unified security monitoring for your entire organisation.

Query your infrastructure like a database. Instant answers to your toughest questions.

Managing too many tools and stitching everything together? So were we…

Aggregate your vendors and workload by letting Zercurity do the heavy lifting.

Product screenshot showing the Zercurity assets page with its risk traffic light system

.01 Assets

Get an immediate view of your companies infrastructure in one place. Quickly identify areas for improvement, blacklist unwanted applications and use our intuitive search to get to information quickly.

Product screenshot showing all the installed packages across your infrastructure and their state

.02 Applications

Manage and review all of your applications across systems and teams. Restrict out-of-date and vulnerable applications or remove software that violates company policies. Every process run contributes to your risk assessment.

Product screenshot showing all the known vulnerabilities across your infrastructure

.03 Vulnerabilities

Zercurity provides a simplified risk score for all your assets. This risk score encompasses a whole range of metrics from: at risk applications, packages, certificates, misconfigurations and policy violations.

Filter by the most urgent risks and start working to close the vulnerable blind spots. Zercurity provides exactly what you need to know to fix the issues and close the gap.

Product screenshot showing the Zercurity query workbench. It allows the user to query their infrastructure like a database.

.04 Query

“Zercurity, how many unknown USB devices have been plugged into staff computers THIS PAST week?”

Asking question is a really powerful way to get access to quick information. Query your entire company’s infrastructure like a database.

Build your own or use our examples to help you get started. You can also schedule these to run as frequently as you like.

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Immediate Health Assessment

Start enrolling assets for Windows, MacOSX and Linux. Get results in minutes.