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Comprehensive cyber security. For your entire business. Out of the box and hassle-free.

Perfect for your business - Cloud, Windows, Mac and Linux.


Unified security monitoring for your entire organisation. Query your infrastructure like a database. Instant answers to your toughest questions.

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Measure your risk in real-time. Stop guessing where your cyber-security risks lie. Get deep insights into every facet of your organisation.

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Industry compliance and policy frameworks managed like a task list, maintain compliance all year round. Let Zercurity do the heavy lifting.

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Benchmark your companies security against the industry, learn to make improvements and track progress over time.

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Over 1000 companies already use Zercurity.

We take the hassle out of cyber-security compliance and risk.

.01 Fintech

The biggest challenge our customers face when implementing cyber-security best practice is the time spent stitching different vendor solutions together and not securing systems.

Key Requirements

  • Ensure company compliance against CIS
  • Monitor new assets that join the infrastructure pool
  • Manage employee device risk
  • Proactive cyber defence

How Zercurity helps

  • Deploy to every end-point quickly with no disruptions
  • Aggregate the data into actionable prioritised actions
  • Lifetime history of all data for triage
  • Vulnerability scoring and remediation
Product screenshot showing the Zercurity query workbench. It allows the user to query their infrastructure like a database.

Ask any question

Setup scheduled queries to meet weekly, monthly or daily compliance and get alerts straight to your phone.

Setup scheduled queries to meet daily, weekly or monthly compliance tasks and get alerts straight to your phone.

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Product screenshot showing the Zercurity assets page with its risk traffic light system

Quick deployment

Zercurity deploys Osquery automatically with every enrollment, which means you get the number one open source security tool, pre-configured and ready to go.


See the metrics that are important to you in real-time. Drive down into critical areas and remediate faster.

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Automated alerts, reports and scoring to create measurable attributes across your cyber-security posture. Zercurity gives you visibility so you can build protection.

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.03 Insurance

Stabilising your client's risk exposure is a win, win. The client practices better cyber hygiene and in turn can get a better more dedicated product and you as the insurer get higher quality metrics upon which to make an assessment.

Create better more targeted products with a tool your customers will love. Practice better cyber-security hygiene and lower cyber exposure risk. Protected with Zercurity and safe with insurance.

Key Requirements

  • Lower the chances of a breach for your clients
  • Grow cyber insurance as a product
  • Offer clients guidelines they can measure
  • Smarter premiums based on activity

How Zercurity helps

  • Identify gaps as they appear
  • Build cyber best practice into your business
  • Composite risk, vulnerability scoring and industry benchmarking
  • Compliance adherence frameworks and reporting

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