.01 Product

Zercurity is the ultimate cybersecurity operations platform for all your needs.


Cyber security is becoming increasingly complex as are the number of solutions trying to solve advanced and specific threats.

Zercurity provides a uniform solution combining many cybersecurity disciplines into one platform.

Designed to uplift and orchestrate a systematic response to provide complete security. Read More →

.02 Establish your cybersecurity posture

Zercurity provides "no nonsense" total protection in four main ways.


Applications & packages

Historical records of every process, application and package installed across your infrastructure.

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Auditing & Compliance

Central syslog processing and tagging. Automatic compliance checks and vulnerability management.

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Monitoring & Interrogation

Treat your infrastructure like a queryable database. Ask any question. Get immediate answers. Gain key insights into your systems and users at your fingertips.

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Application whitelisting

Manage and review all of your applications across systems and teams. Restrict out-of-date or vulnerable applications. Or remove software that violates company policies.

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.03 Designed for cybersecurity operations

Managing risk

Zercurity uses a weighted risk system from zero to 100 for scoring entities within an asset.

Entities such as processes, packages, certificates and devices are all given risk scores. Derived from over 5 billion data points. We use proprietary techniques to assess each entities risk.

All these entities provide your assets with their own intelligently weighted score. Highlighting the risk they pose to your organisation's cybersecurity posture.

.04 Complete coverage of your IT infrastructure

Get deep insights into your IT infrastructure.


Zercurity provides a simplified risk score for all your assets. This risk score encompasses a whole range of metrics from: at risk applications, packages, certificates, misconfigurations and policy violations.


Get notified instantly as and when packages risk profiles change. Either when a package becomes out of date or a vulnerability is found.


See every process run across your IT infrastructure. Every process is profiled and its risk assessed. Risk is based on age, known vulnerabilities, expired certificates and whether it's known to be malicious.

USB Devices

Monitor your company's removable media. Zercurity will provide an inventory and automatically classify devices. Tracking interactions between assets and highlighting potential policy breaches and data leaks.

File integrity monitoring

Zercurity scans numerous system directories for subtle changes in real time. We do this to ensure system integrity is maintained. Zercurity will notify you in the event binaries or system configurations are changed.

Interrogate your assets

Zercurity allows you to query all your assets using SQL. It turns your infrastructure into a queryable database. You can query data from over 200+ virtual tables.

.05 Query your infrastructure

Ask any question

Get an answer to any question you have about your infrastructure. You can query over 200+ data points or "virtual tables" derived from your system configuration.

Setup scheduled queries to meet weekly, monthly or daily compliance and get alerts straight to your phone. Read More →

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.06 Simplified pricing

We provide the complete cybersecurity solution from start-ups to market leaders around the world.

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