Query your infrastructure like a database.

Instant answers to your toughest questions.

.01 Ask any question

Get an answer to any question you have about your infrastructure. You can query over 250+ data points or "virtual tables" derived from your system configuration.

Setup scheduled queries to meet weekly, monthly or daily compliance and get alerts straight to your phone.

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Total transparency - use SQL statements to ask any question about your infrastructure.


Automate query’s to execute at specific times on your behalf. Get updates if the queries find anything interesting.


Sometimes the hardest question is the one you haven’t asked. Use our growing list of preset examples to get you started.


Get informed on how many queries you’ve run, what they’ve found and what the results are, answer delivered directly to you.

Test it out!

Looking for examples? Check out the 250+ virtual tables you can query.

Immediate Health Assessment

Start enrolling assets for Windows, MacOSX and Linux. Get results in minutes.