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  • check Have full visibility of assets, devices, applications and installed packages.
  • check Automatic whitelisting of applications.
  • check Interrogate assets using Osquery for; monitoring, compliance, incident investigations etc.
  • check Full REST API for integrations.

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Interrogate your infrastructure

Use Osquery to query your infrastructure, like a database. You can find about; running processes, installed applications, attached devices, system hardware and even open files.

Block applications

Automatic whitelisting and protection against malicious applications. Control what applications are run across your infrastructure by defining policies.

Set Alerts

Trigger alerts on system changes that are non-compliant. You can also attach alerts to your scheduled or ad-hoc queries.


  • What is Zercurity?

    Zercurity is a hosted service. It provides a secure, managed and centralised platform. It monitors your IT infrastructure from a security and compliance perspective. Zercurity does this in three ways;

    Using an advanced SQL interface powered by Osquery. Allowing you to query your infrastructure just like a database.

    Application whitelisting/blacklisting. Zercurity will automatically block unknown or malicious applications.

    Compliance checks. Write rules to check that your policies are being adhered too.

  • Why was Zercurity created?

    Managing the security, policies and compliance of your assets and devices within an organisation is a nightmare. Especially with new regulations such as GDPR. Zercurity aims to simplify this.

  • Who is Zercurity for?

    Zercurity is built for your organisation. Small or large. You are required by law, to safeguard your customer data. Without exception. This starts by having strong an understanding of your compliance and security posture.

    Can you guarantee that all your systems are encrypted? Running the latest software? Patched? The file integrity of a system? Zercurity can answer and guarantee your assets meet compliance requirements.

    We also offer on-premise solutions for enterprises.

  • Is my data in Zercurity secure?

    We strive to ensure that the data stored within Zercurity is as secure as possible. It's our priority and we mean it.

    All network traffic is encrypted over TLS with at least 256-bit AES encryption. Client data is stored within AWS.

    Zercurity is deployed using a serverless architecture therefore no sensitive data is ever at rest. All databases and backups are encrypted.

    Our entire engineering team has come from a security background and has had formal training in Computer Security. Have additional questions or concerns? Get in touch.

  • How much does Zercurity cost?

    It's free up to 5 hosts. Thereafter, Zercurity costs £4 GBP per month per host.. No contract. No lock-in. Cancel at any time. Virtual machines are considered a host.

  • What is Whitelisting / blacklisting?

    Zercurity allows for three modes of operation when it comes to restricting the execution of applications (binaries) on host machines.

    Powered by Google's Santa you can manage assets whitelisting/blacklisting. It's a naughty or nice list ;)

    MONITOR (Default) Santa allows users to run any application they want, except known bad applications.

    PERMISSIVE Santa only allow whitelisted and pre-approved applications from Zercurity's definitions to run.

    Unknown applications are blocked by default but are profiled within minutes and automatically whitelisted if deemed safe.

    BLOCKING Santa only allows approved applications to run. These are defined by your policies.

  • What is Host based querying?

    Zercurity allows customers to query their infrastructure like they would a database.

    Powered by Facebook's Osquery you can use SQL (Structured Query Language) to either run your queries on a scheduled basis or ad-hoc.

    Osquery can gather a whole range of telemetry from; processes, open files, listening ports, kernel modules and applications.

    Osquery is deployed on hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide.

    Osquery is 100% open-source. It receives regular updates and features from the community.

    Osquery has an exhaustive list of datapoints defined within their schema definitions is available here.

  • Do you provide an on-site solution?

    Yes. Please get in touch for an on-site solution.

  • Do you offer support plans?

    Email support is included. If you require something more comprehensive, please get in touch.