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About us

What is Zercurity?

Cyber-security is becoming increasingly complex. However, the majority of solutions are only geared to look for advanced and highly specific threats. This leaves potential gaps in your security perimeter. Zercurity is designed to uplift and orchestrate a systematic response to provide complete security.

We provide a cost-effective and streamlined approach allowing Security Operations (SecOps), IT Administrators (ITOps) and Executives to effectively implement both policy and threat hunting initiatives.

Zercurity provides a uniform solution combining many cyber-security disciplines into one platform - with the ability to interrogate any part of your infrastructure and user behaviour.

Zercurity Data Services

Zercurity Data Services is our repository of over 2 billion data points used to assess both the cyber-security maturity of websites and IP but also their risk to cause potential harm. We use this data to enrich the Zercurity platform to help identify risks. Zercurity Data Services has an open API which individuals or organisations may consume.